“Unbelievably emotionally inspiring! I couldn’t put it down… As a mental health professional it spoke to all that I believe about the strength of connections between humans and animals. The book is so well written and enjoyable to read… thank you all, especially you Shawn, for your passion and perseverance in saving these beautiful animals. You are an inspiration…” – Taken from GreatNonprofits.org, RVR Horse Rescue


A Healing Haven

Book Synopsis

Shawn Jayroe’s passion for horses and desire to help the underdog was instilled during her charmed childhood. Later, when the shy yet determined self-made businesswoman witnessed mistreatment of the beautiful majestic equines, a deep need to protect those without a voice begged her to action. Shawn rallied troops from the community to bring her vision to life, and with dedicated volunteers and financial donations, a miraculous life-saving refuge was gradually pieced together, forming RVR Horse Rescue.

But one result Shawn hadn’t anticipated was the magical effect the horrifically abused animals would imprint on their caregivers, blurring the lines of who was saving whom. Author Shirley Alarie delivers the riveting saga of Shawn Jayroe and her army of Horse Angels who are tackling the unspoken issue of equine neglect and abuse one desperate animal at a time. A Healing Haven is an inspiring true story and a beautiful reminder that it is in giving that we receive life’s greatest blessings.

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