Author Shirley Alarie's free 'Write Your Book' webinar series walks aspiring authors through the steps through publication.

You want to write your book! I know you do!

But SHOULD you? How do you do it?

I know writing your first book is a daunting undertaking. I was stuck in the same mud before I  wrote my first book eight years ago. I slogged my way through the  mountain of internet resources, stumbled through the publishing world maze, and have learned so much by tripping my way through to publishing my 6 books (and counting).

My Write Your Book webinar series cuts through all the muck and steps aspiring authors through the basics of book publishing.

 The pre-recorded webinars begin with Should You Write Your Book? because you really should know what lies within the murky water you may be diving into.  Should You? is an introduction to the publishing world, a guide as to the pros and cons of writing your book, and guidance as to tools and resources available if you decide to join the 20%.

The remaining webinars in the series take the mystery out of the book publishing process. They provide a guide through the main aspects of book publishing, building an audience, and various ways to market your book. With this foundation, you’ll be equipped to begin your journey!  

80+% of people want to write a book. Only 20% actually do it!

Are you ready to join the 20%?

What others are saying about the “Write Your Book” webinars:

I found it extremely informative. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for positively enlightening all of us budding writers. 

I will do my best to follow up on your essential tips to get started. I just feel so handicapped as my toddler is too demanding. I’m not giving up though.

Nadia – Your Write Hand subscriber and budding author

Alright. Let’s do this!

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